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Posted on Tuesday April 16, 2019


Are you ready to share your collection? See the steps below. 

1. Find an aggregator. Europeana works with 31 accredited national, thematic and domain aggregators who assist cultural heritage institutions in their digital transformation. They play a key role in the Europeana ecosystem by offering cultural heritage institutions tools, expertise, and support to share their collections. 

2. Prepare your data. The aggregator you select to work with will advise you how to digitise, describe your content including with domain and subject vocabularies to use, which media formats are most suitable, how to select a appropriate copyright license, and on accessibility, multilingualism best practices.

3. Receive usage feedback and improve the quality of your content. To maximize the visibility and reach of your collection we provide regular feedback on the amount of views your collection receives, the quality of your collection according to tier classification which it outlined in the Publishing Framework and tips on how you can maximize your reach.

[infograpic to explain process]

Europeana Content Strategy

This identifies what kind of content we need to expand or restrain and the ownership of decision-making processes.

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Publishing Framework

Outlines what we will do for you depending on the quality of the content and metadata you share with us. Making it easier for you to see what you get out of your collaboration with Europeana.

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