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Posted on Tuesday September 25, 2018

Data Manifesto

Trust is a value we respect and uphold. We vow to be a trusted resource for our users and an honest partner for our data providers.

  • We respect the metadata provided by the data provider and display it on our website as provided.

  • We attribute the digital objects when we share them, providing the user with a link back to the original source.

  • We reserve the right to only store thumbnails of your data for the purposes of … and never the original object.

  • We work together with a network of thousands of cultural heritage institutions – from regional archives to national museums that share their collections.

  • We make data compliant with the Europeana Data Model, which has become an international standard for cultural heritage institutions such as EDM.

  • We make collections more accessible and usable by applying the internationally interoperable rights statements that we’ve worked on with our global partners.

  • We make data available through the Europeana API. It can then be viewed, shared and used in more ways, reaching a much larger audience.

  • We are guided by our values: mutual, usable, reliable and believe we can transform the world with culture - a mission that we all embody: from Data Partners and Aggregators to Europeana Network Association Members and Europeana Foundation staff.

This is our shared manifesto. Are you with us?