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Posted on Monday December 28, 2015

About our Network Association

A strong and democratic community dedicated to good practice in the world of digital cultural heritage.

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Elco van Staveren, Denkschets, CC BY-SA

Who we are

The Europeana Network Association is an active community of over 1,700 individuals who are interested in digital cultural heritage, and support the values and work of Europeana. The work that members do to advance Europeana sits within the work they do in their own organizations.

What we stand for

We believe that everyone deserves access to cultural heritage, and that creators and institutions should always receive the correct credit when that heritage is displayed and used.

Our philosophy is based on the European Cultural Commons. It means we all agree that the work we do should be consistent and that we work for the benefit of the whole, not in silos.

We want our members to be engaged and active - that's how we become a powerful movement.

To make our beliefs a reality, we want to build the values of the commons into every aspect of the work Europeana does, including its governance. It is not enough to simply emphasize principles such as trust, reciprocity and collectivity. We must also find practical ways to embed them at every level.

What we do

How we work

Every year at an Annual General Assembly, Europeana Network Association members elect a governing body of 36 representatives to form the Members Council.

Together with the Europeana Foundation and its Governing Board, the Members Council decides how Europeana will promote and support digital cultural heritage and what its yearly business plan should include. The Members Council also supervises the Network's Working Groups and Task Forces, which are set up to support the development of the business plan and address ongoing activities and challenges affecting the digital heritage field.

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