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Posted on Thursday April 18, 2019


Technological innovation needs to be community-based and reciprocal.

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Management Board meeting 20.2.2019

Leiden, Netherlands


We work as a network, rather than as individuals, combining the best of sector knowledge and practices. Offline, this looks like the Europeana Network Association. In the digital, this is seen in our user-generated content.

The formal bit:  We are a network, a partnership of connected organisations – from cultural institutions to commercial software developers. We can make an impact on the world because together, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. We believe in the power of creative collaboration and teamwork, working towards common goals and for mutual benefit, fostering innovation and new working practices.

In practice: We don’t just think about ourselves. We collaborate with colleagues in our own team, in other teams and with partners outside our organisation. We see communication as a two-way thing - we respond well to others as well as making our own needs known to them. We make everything we do mean something - nothing’s done just to tick a box. We’re working hard to create more of a roundtable feeling with all our partners working collaboratively - the Europeana Foundation doesn’t sit at the head of the table, shouting the loudest.