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Posted on Thursday April 18, 2019


Content should be easy to find, understand and download, or the reach of any social or economic impact will be limited to the privileged few.

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Europeana Strategy Meeting 2016 - Sebastiaan ter Burg


The formal bit: We represent the cultural organisations that have safeguarded our heritage for hundreds of years, who have organised it, structured it and made it accessible with great care and precision. We are committed to ensuring that our digital data is always authentic, trustworthy and robust, that it’s easy to create with and that our network partners benefit from sharing it. One of our top priorities is to improve the quality of the data published by Europeana, that means providing the motivation, tools and support for our partners to improve the quality of the data before they share it, and finding new and improved ways for our teams to add value to it too.

In practice: Our colleagues can rely on us to do our best and communicate clearly. We follow through on our promised actions. We learn from past experiences. We respect deadlines and push ourselves to meet them without compromising the quality of what we deliver.