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Posted on Thursday April 18, 2019


Technologies and online interfaces need to work and be well-structured, with users and their data safeguarded.

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Hacking Culture Bootcamp 2015 - Sebastiaan ter Burg



The formal bit: We believe access to culture leads to social and economic change. But people can only build with it, build on it and share it if it’s ready to use and easy to get hold of. We are on a mission to unlock Europe’s cultural heritage, harnessing technology to help people make new things and pass them on. One of our top priorities as an organisation is to provide the impetus, encouragement and tools for our data partners to open up their collections - to make them available to be used in new ways.

In practice: We make sure our actions are useful to others. We know what to focus on and recognise where the focus is fuzzy. We work with colleagues in other teams because we all need each other. We celebrate successes and put them in context.